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​2014 Cross Country - Click on these links!

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  The Schrauger 5K went off without a hitch!  Lots of Orion CC athletes competing and helping out.  And it was good to see some of our alumni out running!  
Men's Track League Champions!!  Third year in a row!
Regional Champions!!  Second year in a row! And now 9th Grade County Champions, two years running!
All-State athletes:  Kirk Hansen, 800m, 1600m Relay.  Zach Arnold-800m relay, 1600m relay;  David Diaz-1600m Relay; Jacob Hatcher-800m Relay; Matt Krause-800m Relay;  Sheldon Drake-800m Relay, 1600m Relay.

​Still missing a lot of track uniforms! They can be turned in to Coach Ford, (at home?), or dropped off at the athletic office. Taking inventory as they are turned in, some athletes have turned in a uniform not assigned to them. So if you turned in all four items, but you get a call or letter saying an item was missing, you probably turned in part of someone else's uniform!
​Congratulations Andrew Lorant!  10th Place at the State Finals, earning All-State Honors!
​Congratulations!  The Men's CC Team completed their OAA Red sweep by winning the League Meet.
The Women's team ran well, taking 4th.
Lake Orion High School Cross Country athletes can still stop in the coaches office to signup for a post season talk with Coach Ford.  It takes about a half hour to cover topics about training, personal goals, team goals, and expectations.  Please signup!
Second year in a row that both the boys and girls teams have qualified for the State Meet!  The Girl's ran great, taking 3rd Place, only one point out of second.  The Boy's took home the 1st Place trophy with their outstanding effort!
Uniforms can be turned in any day after school.  Washed, in a bag with your name on it!  Coach Ford will be in the Coaches Office, down the P.E. hallway.
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Indoor Track Meeting - Wednesday, December 17th @3:00 in the KIVA