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    In Memory of Dr. Michael Hennessy, father of '94 graduate and runner Andrea Hennessy, along with his wife Diane and son Mathew, decided to have memorial donations made out to Lake Orion Cross Country.  Michael was a Clarkston dentist and an avid runner, who continued to follow L.O. Cross Country even after Andrea graduated.  Michael passed away November 21st.    It is quite an honor to be the recipients of such a donation. 

League Champions!!  Third year in a row!
Regional Champions!!  Second year in a row! And now 9th Grade County Champions, two years running!
All-State athletes:  Kirk Hansen, 800m, 1600m Relay.  Zach Arnold-800m relay, 1600m relay;  David Diaz-1600m Relay; Jacob Hatcher-800m Relay; Matt Krause-800m Relay;  Sheldon Drake-800m Relay, 1600m Relay.
1st official day of Cross Country practice is Wednesday, August 13th at 9:00 am at the LOHS track.  
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Still missing a lot of track uniforms!  They can be turned in to Coach Ford, (at home?), or dropped off at the athletic office.  Taking inventory as they are turned in, some athletes have turned in a uniform not assigned to them.  So if you turned in all four items, but you get a call or letter saying an item was missing, you probably turned in part of someone else's uniform!